Saturday Spell-Magic Armor

In the continued spirit of battle mages, here we have exactly the type of spell Zane Hiland or one of his students would be researching.  Not unlike the Anti-Magic Aura spell, this spell protects against magical damage, but rather than cancelling magic in an area, it protects the target of the spell against magical attack much like physical armor would.  In many ways it is more practical, and just simpler for the Master Weaver to deal with.

Right Hand:

Sar (Weaken and Conceal Radius): Order (Full)

Magic ArmorZo (Negativity Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc): Order (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc): Order (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Sar (Weaken and Conceal Radius):

saying “on wu juo”

So, it’s been a long time since we’ve used the Tome of Order and Chaos, might want to review that, I’m just going to give the results.  It’s got the 16 DoP most casters are limited to for an encharge, and the ‘on’ power level is permissible for a humanish sized target (little people included).  With 120 magical armor to be spread between charges, a largish number of charges might be preferable (we have a maximum of 28).  Depending on the need, there are plenty of options.

With 20 charges of 6 magic armor each we’d have almost 1/3 magical damage reduction from the armor for many charges.  That’s a very efficient option, but there aren’t many situations where there are enough spells flying to justify that.  The other end of the spectrum is 4 charges of 30 magic armor each for over 70% reduction. That’s highly inefficient, but if you just need it for a fight with one very powerful mage, it might be a good option.

A reasonable middle ground is to have 10 charges with 12 magic armor for 50% reduction each.  That is a pretty serious reduction, and leaves room for accidental discharges and to hinder an enemy that might use small, fast spells to blow through the charges.  With only a 1 in 20 chance of accidental discharge, 10 is enough to account for even a mob of non-magical foes prodding to provoke a discharge.

The spell would have a cost of 176 SP and would take Zane Hiland, with 10 Agility and 20 Dexterity, 3.25 seconds to cast.  This makes it castable within two turns.  It is a good opening spell for magical duels, but also a good spell for supporting an ally against a mage if the ‘wu’ syllable is changed to ‘ba.’

Magical armor something you would be interested in?  For yourself or for an ally?  Is there another way you’d like to use this kind of spell? Suggest it below and we might get to it on a later Saturday.

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2 Responses to Saturday Spell-Magic Armor

  1. I don’t know if you’ve ever read L.E. Modesitt Jr, but there’s an alternative way of making mage armor. It would be going through the pathway of air, and work similarly to bullet proof or shatter proof glass. The mage would have a loose “net” of interconnected air molecules, in the form of a chain or fishhooks surrounding them. As an attack comes closer, it is fully triggered, tightening the weave, not allowing the attack to come through. There are two drawbacks 1) because one attempts to carry around with them at all times is that it’s very draining on the person so carrying it, needing to be renewed every few hours, but provided it’s not allowed to fade completely it shouldn’t be too much of a problem and 2) in his magic system it takes tremendous physical energy, so the casters are constantly eating, and too much casting is actually painful.

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