World Building Wednesday-Arcane College of Smitehold

The Arcane Circle

The Arcane Circle

Built anciently by the first mages to understand the arcane circle.  In the iron age of their civilization, this small guild of mages became very powerful with their knowledge of the arcs and radii.  At the time, they were the only mages to be able to access the amazing magics that this knowledge made available in power, variability, and control.

With their power they obtained wealth.  With their wealth they built the Arcane College of Smitehold.  At the time of its building, the college/stronghold was merely a safe hold for the mages of the guild.  With 18 mages in the original guild, they all took residence in the central tower of the hold with a couple of apprentices each, allowing hired guards and soldiers to live in the outer towers.

Over time, the buildings and court yards became more intricate and taller.  The towers were expanded, especially the Dain Tower which absorbed the gate, and the walls were strengthened.  The central tower, called “The Seat of Power,” is now home to the masters of the college.  The more advanced students live within the walls, taking rooms either in the radial towers or the arc chambers depending upon their focus in the secrets of the arcane circles.  Most students, however, now live outside the walls of Smitehold College in the nearby town.Smitehold

While beginning students study the general aspects of magic, those students which show more talent and wish to continue their studies will choose a focus, learning and researching magic of that sort.  For example, the advanced students that live in Ros Tower study primarily stealth and travel spells.  Many of them will be employed by the college to fill shifts teleporting visitors into the now gateless college.  Given the high demand for travel magic, many students pursue residence in the Ros Tower and Oh (Wind) Chamber.

True to their origins, the college focuses on the arcs and radii of the arcane circle and almost all students will have at least one level in Arcane Magic and have at least basic knowledge of most of the arcs.  However, they also teach the power that comes from the use of the fingers and the control that comes from the magical syllables.  With over 100 professors living in the central tower, “The Seat of Power,” the college employs professors knowledgeable in a variety of topics, including 4 bards who teach primarily the magical syllables.  The professors are generally between levels 10 and 20, most of them magic-users, battle mages, and illusionists.  Lessons about the words and fingers are primarily taught in the lower floors of the central tower.  Arcane circle lessons are taught in the radial instruction rooms.

Due to their body of several hundred students doing in depth research into magical topics from detection to stealth to battle to weather to summoning, the College of Smitehold produces both powerful mages and new, unheard of spells.  The region is truely magically abundant and an ideal place to learn of spells and hire magical help.

Would you travel to the Arcane College of Smitehold for knowledge or followers?  As a Master Weaver, how would you use the college?  It could be an ideal way to feed spells to the players or introduce quests.  What would you do with it?  Let us know below.

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