Ability Tuesday-Casting Focus

CastingFocusCasting focus is a major ability that helps spell casters to avoid being interrupted while casting spells.  Common causes of spell failure include making mounted maneuvers while casting, taking damage while casting, and wearing heavy armor while casting.  Using the Armed Casting ability to cast spells while engaging in melee combat also contributes to the chance of spell failure.

Levels in Casting Focus allow the caster to ignore a certain amount of distraction.  By level 5 in Casting Focus a caster can completely ignore distractions that without Casting Focus would have up to a 100% chance of causing spell failure.

This is one of the signature abilities for Battle Mages, who expect to be casting spells in battle.  It is useful for mounted mages, armored mages, melee mages, and really any mage that cast spells when there is a chance of taking damage.

Would you play a character that casts spells in high risk situations?  Would it be worth spending major ability points on?  Comment below to let us know.

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