Monster Monday-Void Walker

VoidWalkerHealth Points: 6*Level

Spell Points: 20*Level (recovers 2*Level per hour)

Attack: 1d8 (void whip)

Special Attack: Lightning Surge (level/4)d6 energy damage as if with (Level) chaos (indirect) fingers centered at Void Walker.  Costs 160 SP.

Special Defense: Magic Armor Level/2

Dexterity: 20

Strength: 10

Speed: 28 (16 passing through objects)

Armor: 18 48 18

Description:  Animated battle mages are called back together with the magic that they used, a wild magic suited for combat.  While not entirely incorporeal, the Void Walker is capable of passing through walls and takes only minor damage from physical attacks.  His void whip can attack with varying range up to 10 ft, disarms as if of length 0 and has a 10% chance of paralyzing for 1d4 rounds.  Void Walkers made of Battle Mage’s level 20 or higher have two whips, one in each hand.  They have no dexterity penalty on the second hand.  They will tend to use the whip to interrupt spell casters.

How would you fight a Void Walker?  Their near immunity to physical attacks is hard to bypass, except with heavy weapons, and their resistance to magic is a tough one.  They also have the ability to strike all melee opponents with a fair amount of damage. How would you fight one?  How would you use one?  Comment below to share your thoughts.

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