Saturday Spell-Know Alignment

I thought about writing a Tome of Detection to explain how the detection syllable works, but then I decided it was pretty simple.  Really, the spell caster just needs to convince the Master Weaver that the power used in the detection is of the right kind.  From there it’s a good rule of thumb to say that the power of the spell goes toward range and clarity of detection.  Since these are the same aspects reflected by a perception roll, but for sight, it makes sense to use the power of the spell as the effective perception for that detection type.

Know Alignment is a fairly straight-forward application of the principle.  It uses light as the detection power, which is probably what will generally be used.  It is fairly easy to justify the spell granting Sense Alignment I to the Perception-like check of the power roll when the advanced Ra (Reveal) Radius is used.


Shady Character, hard to say if he’s good or evil.

Right Hand:

Ra (Reveal Radius): Light (Full)

Ra (Reveal Radius)

saying “on liu”

With 2*(2d6) on the power roll, this is spell is better at sensing alignment than a character with a low level in Sense Alignment and no Perception. For the instant it allows the caster to sense the alignment of the target, it is fairly likely to expose the alignment of even very neutral character.

It has an SP cost of 56 and takes most mages a little over 2 seconds to cast, a minimum of 1 second for very fast mages.  More arcs can of course be added in order to get more power both from the arcs and from more light fingers.  The spell could also be given duration using an order or chaos finger, or could be used to empower the caster for a certain number of checks.

Similar spells using the Sar (Obscure) radius could be used to mask alignments against magical detection.  The Facade ability does not work on magical detection.

Would you use magic to detect?  What other detection spells would you want?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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