World Building Wednesday-Sleeping God Cave

SleepingGodCaveI’ve done a lot of towns and communities, today is a small dungeon.  The Sleeping God Cave is so named for it’s resemblance to an upside down mouth and nose.  Local legend tells that the sleeping god will one day awake and most people fear the cave and stay away from it.  There is, however, a cult to the sleeping god that is rumored to meet in the caves.  The cult is frowned upon and it’s members are generally secretive about their worship, though a few are willing to face oppression by preaching in public.

Of late, the cult has been highly active and a number of townspeople, including children, have been found dead, drained of blood.  Reports have been made of dark shadows attacking in the night, some even saying they saw the shadows leaving the sleeping god’s mouth.  It presumed that he is sending forth his power in preparation for waking.

The Mayor of the town is not so superstitious, he is offering a bounty for adventurers to explore the cave and determine what the cause of this terror to his people is. SleepingGodCave3

A party entering the cave will find it is easiest to enter through the nose.  The cliff face is smooth and the 25 foot climb to the mouth is very difficult without equipment.  The lower floor, accessed through the nose, is natural cavern but for the shaped in one of the cave’s larger chambers.  The cult meets here.  With as many as 20 members meeting, the chapel is quite crowded some nights.  The cult members are mostly Cleric acolytes (Disciples), though their are some full Clerics in their midst, a couple of Druids with Animal Form (Bat) and a high level Druid->Priest for their leader, with two animal forms: Bat and Giant Bat.

The cult will most likely react infavorably to intruders in the cave, especially their chapel. Some of the dead end tunnels may contain the bodies of previous victims of their wrath.


The upper caverns host a large population of bats, mostly of the harmless variety.  They exit each night to hunt through the open mouth of the sleeping god.  The ground floor has a hole that looks down into the cultists’ chapel, as well as a large cavern that, for the flying bats, is an extension of the large chamber entered through the sleeping god’s mouth. Massive openings in the ceiling provide ready access to this level of the caves and cultists capable of flight enter exclusively this way.

The large cave is also home to two or three giant bats, the cause of the troubles in town. They have been going out, hunting vulnerable humans and cattle, since being raised in the cave by the Sleeping God Cult.

The number of giant and vampire bats, as well as the number and level of the cultists, can be adjusted in order to produce two or more level appropriate encounters for the party.

Would you run the Sleeping God Cave for your players?  Would you use it as a one-shot or as part of a campaign?  What kind of party makeup would you expect?  As a player, how would you approach this dungeon?  Comment and let us know below.

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