Ability Tuesday-Death Throes and Rage


Death Throes is a minor ability that allows a character to keep fighting having sustained enough damage to normally leave him unconscious.  The more levels a character has in Death Throes, the further below zero and the more turns he can continue to fight after passing zero before falling unconscious.  By level 3 in Death Throes, the character can continue fighting even after death for several rounds.

A character in Death Throes cannot use any abilities, but skills still apply.  Healing a character in Death Throes stops the Death Throes and abilities can again be used, but if a character in Death Throes is truly dead, resurrection rules apply and it is probably better to wait until after the battle to heal him.

Rage and Death Throes are spiritually complimentary abilities.  Originally, I was only going to write only Rage today, but then I realized I had accidentally incorporated Death Throes into the drawing.

Rage allows a character to ignore the effects of fatigue for a short time.  It also increases his strength and speed during that time, allowing him to fight furiously even after a long, exhausting battle.  The cost of rage is all of the character’s readily accessible Spell Points, leaving him mentally drained after raging.

Death Throes and Rage are hallmark abilities of Berserkers and are learned only by them. They can be obtained as backstory abilities or through role playing at the judgement of the Master Weaver, primarily as reflections of the character’s personality.  A character dedicated to fighting to the finish is will likely to be allowed to obtain Death Throes.  A character with an insane temper might be able to persuade the Master Weaver to give him rage.

Are Rage and Death Throes the kinds of abilities a character of yours might use? Do you like cutting it close or being prepared to pull a fight out of a desperate spot?  Comment below to let us know.

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