Progress Update-Spell Book Demo Video

Alright, plenty of news this week, but I won’t bore you with the small stuff, at least not until you’ve seen this week’s video.  A full demonstration of the spell console and spell book. The mage in the video uses a fire spell book consisting of basically the fire spells from this blog so far.

You might have noticed a rudimentary map displayed on the left side of the video.  Well, that’s a lie.  I mean, yes, I displayed all those lovely tiles I drew a year ago, but no, they are not dynamically read from a map file or anything, I’m just trying to get the formatting right for the map.

In other news, I gave blood this week and took advantage of the opportunity to find out how 10% blood loss affects athletic ability by playing three furious games of handball a few hours later.  I played very well, my lack of motivation working to my advantage as I was forced to play smart instead of hard.  All in all, the experience felt very similar to one day without much sleep as recorded in the sleep deprivation test two weeks ago.  Now we have not only confirmed that the tiring and fatigue rules are a fair simulation of reality, but also that the notion of having damage add to fatigue is not at all far fetched.  This test gives us a baseline for the math.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the update.  I also hope to now be back in the swing of this hobby.  In the next couple weeks I hope to make a new video intro with the newer better pictures in it and get enough done to justify another video update.

What do you think of Mind Weave?  Anything you think we could do to make it more user friendly or appealing to you?  Let us know below!

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