Saturday Spell-Fear

I don’t think we’ve done any mental spells yet, so we’re doing one today.  I was going to make the spell more interesting by making it a Mass Fear spell, but when I realized that would be both left and right handed, I decided that the complexity (and the fact that I’d drawn the mage with a rapier in one hand) ruled it out.  Instead, we’re just going to do a simple swift spell for short term fear on a single target with low will.  If your interested in a Mass Fear variation, you can base it on the Chain Lightning spell.

FearLeft Hand:

Chaos (full), Death (full), Wind (full)

saying “ki siu” (destroy mind)

This spell is ideal for situations like the one depicted in the sketch.  A mage is up against a much stronger foe in eminent melee combat and needs to get the enemy to give him some space.  The spell has an 8 ft range and 1 second casting time for any mage with 15 or more left-handed dexterity.  It can be cast within 2 seconds by even a right-handed mage with 18 dexterity.  This means that in a single turn, just out of range of melee attacks, he can use this spell to send the enemy to flight.

In order to make the enemy flee, the spell’s 2d6 power must beat (Will+1)/2*3d6, which gives it over 90% chance of success against enemies with no levels in Will.  At this point it is interesting to note that Gnomes, Halflings, Goblins, and Satyrs have no classes that offer Will normally,making them more likely to be susceptible to mental spells.  However, since monks are the only class to get Will by default, most Mind Weave characters will have little or no will and be equally susceptible.

The Fear spell’s effects last for 2d6 turns, or until the target makes a successful Will check against the spell’s power.  During this time, the target would flee, putting plenty of room between the caster and his enemy.

How did you like our first mental spell?  Is it the kind of spell your character would use?  Any other spells you’d like to see?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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