World Building Wednesday-The Rusty Tankard

The Rusty Tankard is not your common Tavern/Inn.  It is the only building for dozens of miles, nestled high in the mountain pass between two mighty nations, Aigure and Guren. The tavern is mostly frequented by local trappers, though there was a time it its early days when only dragon slayers and goblin hunters entered its stretch of the Mergai Mountains. These heroes eventually moved to less tame lands, leaving the Rusty Tankard and Mergai Mountains to the trappers and hunters.RustyTankard

The Rusty Tankard doesn’t lend itself well to the population generator.  I generated a local population of mostly human trappers and hunters, any 20 or so of which will be in the tavern on a given night.  As you might expect, they are largely classed NPCs with many of the lower leveled ones Fighters and Hunters (Ranger pre-tier) and a few Druids.  Higher leveled trappers would be rare, but they would be expected to be Rangers, or still Fighters and Druids.

The inn is prepared to receive 13 or so overnight patrons.  The nature of these patrons is somewhat unpredictable (or frankly, at the whim of the Master Weaver).  They could easily be ambassadors, suppliers of the tavern, merchants making a play to beat competitors to market, refugees taking an unexpected route, or rebel leaders hiding from either nation.  These patrons are ideal tools to fit the campaign’s purpose.

The last, most important group is the people who live in and run the Rusty Tankard.  I like to imagine at least some of them as heroes from the Rusty Tankard’s early days who have settled down in their old, nostalgia-filled haunt.  Let’s say the barkeep and his wife were a part of the early heroes, maybe he’s an illusionist and she’s a rogue.  We’ll have a third retired adventurer be the tavern bard.  He stuck around to tell the stories of his companions and others in the Mergai Mountains.  The last three are not retired adventurers, but regular workers, one of them a bouncer with levels as a Fighter or Brawler.

Sound like a place you would like to visit?  Would you put it in a setting you were running?  How would your campaign use it?  Let us know below.

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