Monster Monday-Howler

HowlerHealth Points: 6*level

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d4 + 1 claws

Special Attack: Shout-125+9d6 decibels of sound (See ToLaS)

Strength: 10

Dexterity: 16

Speed: 20

Armor: 0 0 0

Description: The howler is another rare undead who looks nothing different from the common zombie.  As its name implies, it will often use a powerful vocal attack which can damage and deafen foes.  This shout can be heard for miles and many necromancers will command howlers to use it only under certain circumstances to avoid alerting people to the presence of his horde.

The shout has an average volume of 156 dB, which has a 32% of causing permanent deafness to those immediately in front of the shout.  At the least this will deafen the target for a several minutes.

Howlers are animated from dead Bards.

Would you use a Howler against your players?  Would you set them up for potential permanent deafness?  Think about the implications of that.  As a player what effects would deafness have on you?  Comment below to share your thoughts.

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