Saturday Spell-Enhance Bow

We’ve done an arrow enhancing spell once before, but here’s a good one for giving a bow some more capability, particularly longer range and greater accuracy.

Right Hand:

Dain (Occult Radius): Order (Indirect)

Oh (Wind Arc):

EnhanceBowOh (Wind Arc): Order (Indirect)

Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc): Order (Indirect)

Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc): Order (Indirect)

Oh (Wind Arc):

Ros (Travel Arc): Order (Indirect)

saying “ru wa”

One interesting aspect of this spell is that, though we put all the power in a single charge, it has no random aspect.  Both the To-Hit bonus from the order indirect finger and the range bonus from the wind arc are constants.  That means this spell gives the bow +28 feet of range and +30 To-Hit for a single shot.  We could easily insert an order finger or two without changing the casting time and split these bonuses, but here we’ll assume we’re trying to give a companion with Long Shot and Sneak Strike the best chance possible on a single shot.

With this spell, a 60# bow with range 180 feet, and Long Shot III, the archer can fire at a range of up to 624 feet with a -8 To Hit penalty (+30 To-Hit from the spell for +22).  This range is halved if the shot is a Sneak Strike, to 312 feet, almost 100 meters.  The extreme bonus To-Hit increases the chance of not only critical hits, but extra-critical hits, making 3x or 4x criticals possible on top of the Sneak Strike multiplier.

The spell is not an urgent one, so the 12 second casting time for a 15 dexterity right handed caster with no agility is not a problem.  At 82 SP, it is fairly expensive for a one shot spell, but when this spell is used to support an expert archer, it can be enough to allow that archer to take down a very powerful enemy before the enemy becomes a threat.

Would you use your magic to make another more effective?  As an archer, would you get magic to use a spell like this? Any other spells you want to see?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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