Character Thursday-Claire Highfoot (Halfling Rogue)

Given this is Halfling week, I thought it was only appropriate to do a Halfling character today.  Since we haven’t done a Rogue character, I thought it an appropriate class for the occasion.

On a related note, Claire Highfoot is the highest level NPC in yesterday’s Halfling Warren. She got about average rolls for 5d6b3, which is cool considering she probably rolled 4d6b3 or 3d6.  She’d be kind of a blind siding enemy to anyone who attacked the warren.

Backstory and Levels 1-6:

Claire was born into the Highfoot brood and from a young age was posted as a lookout for caravans and other visitors on the western road.  Having spent her youth watching exptic wares arrive from far off places, Claire became very interested in the world.  She would talk with travelers and learn about places they had been and things they had seen.  Unlike the musicians in the warren, she was not content to pass the stories along.  She wanted to be part of them.

She began to train herself.  She hollowed and hid a tunnel from the arterial tunnels near the Highfoot burrows to the sink hole she had played in as a child.  She filled the tunnel with slings and stones and later stolen bows and arrows, taking them out late at night to train.  She has not yet gotten up the courage to leave, but she intends to.  No one else in the warren is aware of her skills.

Strength: 14, Constitution: 21, Dexterity: 26,

Wisdom: 13, Intelligence: 18, Charisma: 16

Abilities: Marksmanship II, Sneak Strike III, Weapon Mastery (Sling) I, Hide III,  Lie II, Pick Lock I, Pick Pocket I, Play Instrument/Sing I

Skills: Stealth VI, Perception II

Claire isn’t particularly well optimized, but she does pack some punch.  With any ranged weapon she has a 50% chance of getting a critical hit, 62.5% when she’s using Sneak Strike. Her Sneak Strike, without a critical hit, has a 4.4x damage multiplier.  That means that a party fighting the warren militia could easily be taken aback by sudden damage in the 20s or 30s.  A high level party might be able to deal with that, as long as they noticed and made a coordinated effort to find Claire and remove her ability to Sneak Strike, which might be hard to do in the heat of battle.

Even so, a party of level 5 characters could easily be crippled.  A level 5 Druid or Cleric (10 Constitution) might only have 30 HP, a level 5 Thief or Monk (8 Constitution) might only have 24.  Worst of all, if she goes for the Magic-user, he could have a Constitution as low as 4, giving him 12 HP at level 5.  If she takes them off-guard, she could easily kill the mage, or at least knock him out, before anyone even knows of the threat.

Probably best a level 8 or less party not attack the Halfling Warren, Claire would be a nasty surprise for them.  But on the other hand, she would be willing to join a party as a follower.  She could be a valuable resource for any character with Gather Followers who sought her out.

Interested in this character?  What would you do if she attacked your party at an inopportune moment?  Would you want her as a follower?  Let us know in the comments below.

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