World Building Wednesday-Halfling Warren

Alright, I’ve been moving all yesterday and today, so this post is a bit late.  However, I present in honor of Halfling week a simple Halfling Warren.  With 5 Broods (the Broadheads, Goodhands, Highfoots, Busteeds, and Lentons) and 23 households, each averaging 8.4 family members, the warren houses 193 Halflings.  There are 41 adult males and 48 adult females.WarrenTop

I used the population generator again, as I have in previous communities, but Halflings are too content to have very wild results.  Almost all of the Halflings in the warren are farmers with little interest in much else.  They are happy to grow their crops and sell their wares in the highly trafficked market at the center of the warren.  Each brood requires some of their population to train for militia service.  47 Halflings are part of the militia.  Minerva Broadhead, a level 3 fighter with 24 dexterity, is the leader of the Broadhead militia and commander of the warren’s combined forces.

Other than militia members, the population has a number of sneaky members, some of which are very skilled.  They are sometimes employed as look outs to determine if caravans or other interesting travelers are coming into town.  There are another 8 highly talented Halflings who are better musicians than the rest, 3 of whom are actively working to write songs, sometimes traveling to play in nearby taverns.

WarrenBottomThe hobbit holes are interconnected within their broods, with long, wide tunnels connecting the broods within the warren underground.  So, while the warren may be dark on the surface during the night, their is a lot of travel and exchange occurring between the warrens.  This custom developed as a response to giant night eagles that once plagued the area.  The Halflings don’t much care if the eagles are still about, they like their cozy tunnels.

Sound like a place you would like to visit?  Would you put it in a setting you were running?  How would you use parts of it for your campaign?  Let us know below.

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