Progress Update-The Incantation is Almost Complete

Well, the spell book and all other casting parts are almost complete.  They’re working well, but need to be cleaned up a bit before I can make the promised video.  There were a couple of hiccups, things I expected would be one line of code that required instead several creative lines and tactful changes and additions to old pieces of code to deal with.  But with that behind me, the bare bones of it is ready to go.  I just need to clean up the GUI a bit and I feel like that will only take a few more hours.  Soon, very soon, I can move onto something other than the magic.

In other news, with the help of Skyrim, I tested the fatigue and tiring rules in real life this week.  I was concerned that the effects of sleep deprivation on physical performance was not properly modeled.  So, with a few days with very little sleep under my belt, I played Handball with the usual guys.  They made comments about how I was playing really well, better than usual.  That confirms what the US Navy found in their studies on the subject.  I wasn’t willing to explore it so far as to see the insanity and mid-life heart failure they saw from extended studies and have since slept fairly well.  However, I think this shows that how we factor in fatigue is fairly accurate.  The one thing I’m going to add is a suggested blow to morale when regularly scheduled sleep is missed.  This will help the model further reflect the lack of motivation a sleep deprived person experiences.

What do you think of Mind Weave?  Anything you think we could do to make it more user friendly or appealing to you?  Let us know below!

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