Monster Monday-Shadow

ShadowHealth Points: 2d8

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d6 bite

Special Attack: Life Drain, 1d8 per round once attached to a subject (successful grapple)

Special Defense: Incorporeal, ¼ damage from physical attack

Dexterity: 12

Strength: Incorporeal, 30 for grappling

Speed: 24

Armor: – – –

Special: +10 to stealth when in shadows,  Incapacitate X, Grab I

Description: This thin sheet of darkness is the form taken by those who are killed by the broken off blade of a dead blade(see Shadow Walker).  Shadows wander searching to regain their lost life.  In the futile effort, their method of attack will be to approach through darkness and leap onto the target, biting, and then wrapping around it to muffle cries and veil its assault in dark.  It will then proceed to drain the life from its victim at a rate of 1d8 per round.  This life draining does nothing to heal the shadow or return it to its original form.

A shadow that answers a necromancer’s call can be bound to the necromancer for 30 sp.

Would you bind a Shadow if it answered your call as a necromancer?  Would a shadow be the kind of enemy you throw at your players?  Comment below to share your thoughts.

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