Progress Update-Magic Progress

Last week I said that this week I would be coding up spell writing and spell deletion in the spell book.  I’m still stuck on a couple of bugs with regards to writing the spell to database, as well as displaying the new spell book in the player page, but with a little luck I’ll pound that out today.

Then I’ll work to add GUI elements made relevant by spell book functionality such as spell editing, arc selection, and current spell cost and casting time display.  I still hope to put out a video next week.  This last week and some of the coming week is real crunch time in my research, so I’m putting extra hours in there, but by the end of the week I expect to be able to put some extra time back into coding magic.

What do you think of Mind Weave?  Anything you think we could do to make it more user friendly or appealing to you?  Let us know below!

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