Character Thursday-Sage Lavender (Human Assassin)

Today we’re going to explore an assassin character in keeping with the theme for this week. (Loose though it may be.)


Sage was born from good stock.  Her father was a lord of no small reputation as a fencer, a jouster, and a warrior.  Her mother was a loom worker with some of the most lovely work known in the area.  She was a beauty herself, and so attracted the attention of the reputed lord.

Sage was restless as a child and could not bring herself to settle into the loom worker’s life as her mother had.  She spent much of her youth on the streets and almost unwittingly found herself befriended by the younger urchins in the thieves’ guild.  It wasn’t long before she was one of them.

Levels 1-8:

Sage was content enough with the thief’s life for a long time.  She was very good at it and it provided her with the means to support herself and her mother.  However, when her elderly mother was killed by bandits, she became actively involved in efforts to improve the world.  Though she did it for revenge, out of anger toward the bandits and the authorities who had failed to stop them, Sage’s life changed from that of a bottom feeder to that of an activist.

She continued to work from the shadows, but no longer for survival.  She lashed out at any that she perceived as wrong.  Usually she threatened, often she wounded as a form of encouragement, but sometimes she slew those who were posing a danger to her society.  She became as infamous as her now elderly father was famous.

Strength: 15, Constitution: 15, Dexterity: 27,

Wisdom: 7, Intelligence: 16, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Double Jump IV, Jump VI, Climb III, Backstab III, Leaping Strike II,  Anticipation I, Pick Lock I, Pick Pocket II, Hide II, Infiltrator’s Intuition I

Skills: Stealth V, Agility V

In her early levels, Sage is not intended as a fighter.  She mostly invests in abilities that allow mobility and stealth while focusing on getting the attributes to become an assassin. Once she becomes an assassin at level 6, she begins to become more combative.

Her combat focuses on abilities that take advantage of the Stealth and mobility she already possess.  Her high dexterity and fairly high intelligence allow her to deal significant damage consistently when backstabbing.  Meanwhile, her levels in Leaping Strike allow her to add more to this damage when using her mobility and stealth to get into position.

Would you play a character whose primary skill is getting places? How would you feel about your success in battle depending almost entirely on how the first hit went? Let us know below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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