Ability Tuesday-Armed Casting

ArmedCastingThis major ability makes for the most impressive and action packed casting scenes in Mind Weave.  Armed Casting allows a combatant to, while using a weapon with battle magic or arcane magic, attack and parry.

The armed caster can make one attack per weapon an one parry for each arc he is able to complete in a turn.  These parries and attacks are subject to an additional penalty as well as the normal penalties.  These penalties are reduced by greater levels in Armed Casting.

Each attack and parry during a spell adds to the chance of spell failure and requires a new spell failure check using the same cumulative chance of failure as that from taking damage. Higher levels in Armed Casting reduce the additional chance of failure per parry and attack.  Very high levels allow a number of parries to be made without having to make a new failure check.

Armed Casting parries can be used like a normal parry (to disarm, parry arrows, counterblow, etc.).

Assassins, Battle Mages, and Rangers primarily get Armed Casting.  It is not common as a cross-class or backstory abilities, but a character who frequently casts on the front line can be justified to get it.

Would you play a character who can engage in melee combat while also casting spells? What kind of considerations would you have to make?  Comment below to let us know.

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