Monster Monday-Shadow Walker

ShadowWalkerHealth Points: 8*level

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d8(dead blade)

Special Attack: Backstab(Int 5)

Dexterity: 22

Strength: 12

Speed: 24

Armor: 0 2 2

Special: Stealth Level/2+4

Description:  The Shadow Walker is a highly useful tool for a necromancer.  Retaining much of the assassin’s ability, a shadow walker is armed with the dead blade, a weapon whose wounds have a 20% probability of being poisoned with 1d4 damage for 6 rounds,. Furthermore, the blade can be broken off on any successful attack doing more than 4 damage.  If broken off, the blade will disperse into the target’s body, resulting in a 50% chance of passing out immediately.  After this, the victim will lose strength and constitution each at a rate of 1 point per day until cured by magic or divine intervention.  If the victim should reach either 0 strength or 0 constitution, he will become a Shadow, chaotic and roaming in search of life to replace that he had lost.  If the death magic is successfully dispelled, then the character will recover both strength and constitution at a rate of 1 point per day until fully recovered.

Shadow Walkers are animated from dead Assassins.

Have any ideas how you would use shadow walkers under your control?  Something you’d like to throw at your party?  How about as an enemy, how does it’s existence effect your character build?  What would you do if your character or a companion’s were being changed into a shadow?  Comment below to share your thoughts.

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