Character Thursday-Melnid “Fire Fingers” Milshindern (Gnome Magic-user)

In continuation of this week’s gnome theme, today’s character is a fast handed, gnome, magic-user NPC.  Milnid is the second-in-command mage mentioned in yesterday’s gnome community.

Backstory (Levels 1-4):

Melnid Milshindern was selected as a child to be a combative mage due to his nimble fingers and incredible mental capacity.  He was among the more skilled of the communities mages when the unthinkable happened.  Goblins and drow attacked their tunnels and they were scattered.  Melnid found himself with a group of mostly miners escaping toward the surface.  Leading the group was a friend from magic school, the charismatic mining mage Arlind Hildenshir.  Though he had always been a lesser mage, they were good friends.  Melnid threw his power behind the gnome, winning him greater support from the warriors with him.  He became his second in command as they pushed toward the surface, eventually settling in the abandoned Hammerfast Hold.  Now they are more or less safe, Melnid worries about Alrind’s continuing paranoia.  Seeing him almost incapacitated by his worry, Melnid coordinates important issues himself together with the leading fighters.  

Strength: 9, Constitution: 12, Dexterity: 16,

Wisdom: 16, Intelligence: 18, Charisma: 8

Abilities: Spell Casting I, Swift Magic III, Fast Hands IV, Arcane Knowledge IV, Magical Intuition II, Reactive Casting I, Sense Magic I

Skills: Second Hand IV

Melnid is primarily a Swift Magic caster, where he gets 4 bonus DoP.  With Fast Hands IV and Second Hand IV, he has a right handed dexterity of 24 and a left handed dexterity of 22 with regard to casting time.  This means that he can use up to 4 fingers in a swift or elemental spell taking less than 1 second.  Any less fingers than that, and it is likely that the spell will still be 1 second due to use of syllables.

The addition of reactive casting means he can begin casting as a defensive action by adding 1 second to the casting time.  For example, he could cast a silent, two-finger, fire gout in 1.455 seconds in reaction to enemy action.  While this would take significantly longer than simply casting it on his turn, it allows him to intervene during another person’s turn, which may make the target more vulnerable or interrupt an attack.

Would you be glad to meet this guy as a player?  How would you handle him? Let us know below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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