World Building Wednesday-Gnome Hold

World Building Wednesday is off to a rough start.  I’m not sure how to format these posts yet, but that’s a lesser problem.  I sat down yesterday to determine the class composition of this gnome society, and realized that it was either going to be arbitrary or really complicated.  I went with really complicated and spent a great deal of time yesterday and today writing a population generating script in matlab.  It was certainly a worthy endeavor since a similar function will be used in the long term to generate populations for Mind Weave campaigns.  With that done, I can now make this post.

GnomeHoldUpperThis gnome society is packed into what was once the Dwarven Hold of Clan Hammerhaft in the frontier North of Lyseria.  With 108 adult gnomes and 53 young gnomes, some of the gnome children sleep on the ground or share beds.

The Dwarven Hold fell into gnomish hands during a period of great upheaval when the drow attempted to rally evil forces against Lyseria in an attack from the North.  The dwarves were nearly wiped out and forced to rally with their kin in a hold far away.  By the time they returned the tenacious group of gnomes had entrenched themselves.

GnomeHoldLowerThe gnomes found the hold while fleeing from both goblins and drow who had dogged them since leaving their deep caves.  Seeing worked tunnels, they quickly blocked off the tunnel through which they had come and began to make themselves at home.  They found the rail ways and mines left by the dwarves to their liking and set about resuming production on what scale they could.

They of course made some modifications.  Their leader had been blamed for much of the misfortune on their journey and had become paranoid that he would be displaced.  He also believed that the drow were after him still.  He had the rotating section built to ensure a delay of mobs and drow so he would not be taken by surprise.  He included food stores for his own emergency use.

They also modified the shrines to the gods, leaving Gahaelin (Master of Stone and Miners) and Duethain (The Forgemaster), but replacing Simwaith (Lord of Wolves and Battle) with Plieser, the neutral deity of knowledge.  The Hall of Weapons, empty when they found it, they left, hopeful that they would again fill it.

In their flight, the gnomes had left behind much of their lore and knowledge.  While they hunger to return to the height of magic and knowledge they had known before the upheaval, hard times have forced them to take to more mundane forms of combat.

The society has only two full magic-users.  Their leader who also has a high charisma, and his best friend and vizier, who is a better caster.  There are only fifteen acolyte magicians under their careful tutelage, four of them being level 1 but with insufficient attributes.  On these they hang much of their hopes for a renewal of magical knowledge.

The larger faction are mundane combatants, with 91 soldiers and fighters.  This includes 12 full fighters, many of whom are very skilled.  Their leader, the guard captain, is quite tough (19) with a high charisma (13) and dexterity (15).  He could have been a mage, with a little training, but was overlooked in the easier days before the upheaval.  He and his 11 other fighters control the 79 soldiers, 51 of which are level 1, but lack the attributes to be fighters.  They are the most motivated in training, with the remaining 28 not motivated enough to advance yet, though some of them may have the attributes to be full fighters if they tried.

EDIT: A grave oversight on my part has been brought to my attention.  It should be understood that the majority of the population acts as a militia body in their soldier capacities, almost all of them gathering food, working in the mines, or manning the forges.  Though most of the 62 more skilled soldiers have guard shifts, only a few of the 12 fighters work full time on security.  Thank you to those who pointed this out.

This is a good proof of concept for the population builder, and represents the type of community you might encounter in a Mind Weave campaign fairly well.

Sorry for the lateness, I hope you enjoyed this World Building Wednesday post.  If you did, let us know below.  If not, let us know what you might be looking for.

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