Ability Tuesday-Fast Hands

The trait of having fast hands is applicable to a number of kinds of combatants.  For melee fighters it means the ability to draw a weapon faster, so that they can engage directly upon drawing their weapon.  At higher levels, this ability extends to being able to draw a weapon when attacked by surprise and still manage a parry.  This ability to draw a sword in an instant could be used to make a called action to draw and attack anyone who attacks you.  (Like in Zelda: Twilight Princess, the Mortal Draw.)  It can be similarly used for a counterblow.

It is also important for archers, directly increasing their firing speed as they are able to draw and notch arrows more quickly.  With enough fast hands, even a heavy bow can be fired rapidly.

Lastly, swiftness of finger is also of great value to spell casters.  Fast hands effectively increases a caster’s dexterity by 2 per level for the purposes of calculating casting time.  This means that a caster can greatly reduce casting time with Fast Hands.

Many classes get Fast Hands, including Fighters, Magic-users, Monks, Thieves, Bards, Battle Mages, and Illusionists.  Other classes with less reason to desire speed can get it from roleplaying if they can convince the Master Weaver that their character is interested enough in nimble fingers.  That said, it should be fairly rare cross class.

Does Fast Hands apply to your character?  Would you use an ability to get one or more of these bonuses from Fast Hands?  Comment below to let us know.

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