Progress Update-Variables of Magic

I am well into reformatting spell variables throughout my code to make the data passing cleaner, make all the magic functions reusable, and make it easier to code the next couple parts of the game.  This week I hope to code copying spells from the spell book to the casting window, writing spells to the spell book from the casting window, deleting spells from the spell book, and adding some casting UI elements.  Sounds like a lot, but the way the data is formatted, it should be simple.

In other news, we started a new test campaign where Richard is playing a charisma/Emulate focused Bard with some Druidic backstory abilities.  It’s intended to test some of the abilities that are proving difficult to balance mathematically, most of their balance being situational.  We expect good results.  Once he gets a little further I’ll start using parts of the campaign for World Building Wednesday posts.  Sorry, Rich, no hints or spoilers here. 😉

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