Ability Tuesday-Wield Object/Person

WieldObjectPersonThis ability is a major ability, and inconsistent enough that it might not appeal to a wide range of characters.  It is, however very broad.  It covers fantasy combat aspects ranging from Weapon Proficiency: Furniture to opponent-swinging brawling.  These are things I consider necessary to Mind Weave, allowing Hulk-like and unarmed combatants to be successful without being endangered by closing on armed enemies.  This ability exists for those few characters.

This ability allows a combatant to wield an arbitrary item, or even a person if he can grapple him into submission.  The damage dealt by the object is based on it’s weight (or 75% of the weight in the case of a person), it’s reach is based on its size.  Larger objects are more unwieldy, and so for a large object a combatant will have penalties to his To-Hit rolls, also dependent on his level in Wield Object/Person.  When wielding a person, both the target and the person wielded take damage.  A person can also be wielded against objects such as tables, walls, and rocks in order to damage the person.

Brawlers and Berserkers primarily get Wield Object/Person.  It is not common as a cross-class or backstory abilities, but of course people will be able to think of ways to justify it.

Do you play the kinds of characters who would get Wield Object/Person?  What kinds of weapons would you look for?  Comment below to let us know.

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