Progress Update-Calculations and Reformatting Variables

Programming has begun to really progress again.  This week I wrote the functions for “calculating” spell cost and casting time (there’s a lot more too it than simple math, determining exactly how many finger changes and fingers of each type there are, as well as checking if the character has any of them free required several of levels of conditional and switch statements to put together).  These are functions needed to display that information in the spell book pages, but that will also be used for casting later.

Unfortunately, the data format I used for spells under construction when I coded it a year ago is highly unwieldy and fragmented.  It occurred to me yesterday that it would be better form to change the data formatting there to the much more useful format I use for spell book insertion and page writing.  Since I’d have to convert the data to that format anyway in order to pass it to the functions I wrote this week, I decided to compact the construction spell variables into the newer format, which will add a little work now, but save hours more than it takes in the near future.

More good news, this week I should finish the last of the Mistborn series and have one less distraction from my coding time.  Also, with the Dictionary of Terms basically complete, Wednesdays will become World Building Wednesdays.  The purpose the World Building posts will be to share interesting world aspects, discuss world building theory, and give examples of the kind of details a Mind Weave world will implement automatically in the code if defined in the Setting file.

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