Wednesday Words-Perception and Will

Perception-At any given time, a character is paying a certain amount of attention.   This state of attentiveness is determined by a periodic Perception Check made on 3d6 with an added bonus based on the character’s level in Perception.  Certain abilities, like Stillness, can boost Perception temporarily.  Others, like Find Hidden or See Sign, boost Perception as it applies to specific situations.  The Perception check governs the ability to notice people moving stealthily, detect hidden objects, see through illusions, sense alignment, sense death, and sense magic, among other things.

Will-Like Perception, Will is a skill that is used in automatic and triggered checks on a regular basis.  Will represents the characters strength of character and mind.  Will is used in resignation checks, determining if the character is able to keep fighting or keep moving when highly fatigued.  Thus, a character with high Will would be able to fight longer and run farther than a character without Will.  Will is also used to combat mind effecting magic in a Will check using (1+Will)/2 * 3d6

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