Ability Tuesday-The Senses

In Mind Weave there are three minor abilities that expand the number of things that a player can detect through Perception checks.  While other abilities may enhance the ability to do certain things with Perception (e.g. find things), these three abilities add new functionality to the Perception check that characters without them can never do.  They are Sense Alignment, Sense Death, and Sense Magic.

Sense Alignment uses Perception and proximity to the target in order to determine their alignment.  At higher levels, alignment can be determined more precisely at a given distance, or at a longer distance.  This ability reflects a persons ability to judge character.  A person with a level or two in Sense Alignment is a good judge of character.  A person with several and good Perception is a veritable Sherlock Holmes when it comes to recognizing a persons character.

Sense Death is like a “sixth sense,” allowing the character to recognize if deaths have occurred recently in the area.  Higher levels in Sense Death allow a character to sense less violent or older deaths.  Perception is used to determine how fine the sense is at any moment.  More recent, violent, or numerous deaths are easier to sense.  A recent battle field would have the strongest aura of death, while an old woman passing in her sleep would only leave an aura detectable by the most attuned.

Sense Magic uses the character’s Perception to detect magical auras from spells, encharges, and enchanted items.  Greater Perception and levels in Sense Magic increase the range at which magic can be sensed.  Depending on the ratio of the distance to the magic and the maximum detection range, greater detail about the magic is detected.  For magics of common power levels, power does almost nothing to change the range at which it is detected, but exceptionally powerful enchantments or spells can be detected at greater ranges.

The Senses are available to numerous classes.  Sense Alignment can be learned by Clerics, Assassins, Bards, Necromancers, Paladins, and Priests.  Sense Death can be learned by Assassins, Necromancers, and Rangers.  Sense Magic can be learned by Clerics, Magic-users, Battle Mages, Illusionists, Necromancers, Priests, and Rangers.  However, all of the senses are quite common as Backstory abilities and cross-class abilities from the Master Weaver.  As minor abilities, these can be easily tacked onto a character for roleplaying purposes, adding situational value to the character.

Would you add elements to your backstory to justify one or more of the senses?  Would you choose a specific class to get one?  What kind of roleplay would your reward with sensing abilities? Comment below to let us know.

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