Progress Update-Magic and Fatigue

Despite the risk of these posts becoming an update about my week more than about the progress on Mind Weave, I still feel a need to justify my lack of progress.  Regardless, this time I will begin with a real update and then give excuses.

Spell book work is still coming along, the spell book pages print all data correctly and buttons fade on mouseover (yes, they’ve always done that, but these buttons are different, I had to do something new).  The pages “turn” meaning that spells on the visible pages fade out and new spells fade in.  Scroll buttons on the pages are functioning, as far as tested.  All the data needed from the database are extracted, all that remains is to implement the functions for the buttons “prepare spell” and “delete spell”, implement writing to the spell book, and allow spell editing.  All in all, I may be able to finish it this week, with no interruptions planned.

On to the excuses.  I ran Ragnar this weekend.  For Mind Weave, all this really means is practical experience and observation of the effects of fatigue on foot travel, and I think our current equations are alright, but slope may need to be implemented.  It also means that I was exhausted and didn’t code yesterday, instead sleeping most of the afternoon.  Still, it was fun!  Also, I designed my first Vivaldi antenna this week.  It’s proving hard to tune, but results are promising anyway.

Update: I’ve now downloaded all the jquery libraries I use, this means that I can code without having internet, a fact that will improve my productivity greatly.

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