Character Thursday-Dilgnid Glirinshurd (Gnome Illusionist)

As I was making this character, I realized that he would be kind of hard to make rendezvous with the party in a way that makes sense.  I could be done, and he’d be an interesting party member, but given his strangeness, it makes more sense to make him and NPC for the players to meet in the woods, for one reason or another.


Dilgnid Glirinshurd was brilliant, even among gnomes.  He was also fragile, especially for a gnome.  During his youth he was often sick and other gnomes bullied him frequently.  Once his intelligence was discovered he was apprenticed to an elderly gnome enchanter who taught him magic with the goal of him becoming another resource for the gnome city.  Despite this honorable recognition from his elders, Dilgnid continued to be persecuted by the gnomes becoming soldiers and miners for his physical inadequacy. He quickly grew bitter, arrogant, and angry.  One day he lashed out with magic against his assailants.  His instructor in magic had warned him of the responsibility of magic-use.  Dilgnid fled in a panic, hiding himself with magic as he worked his way away from the city and toward the surface.  Angry and alone, Dilgnid became almost animalistic, hunting with magic at night and sleeping during the day under the protection of magical wards.

Strength: 10, Constitution: 6, Dexterity: 18,

Wisdom: 20, Intelligence: 27, Charisma: 10

Abilities: Spell Casting V, Understand Artifact I, Arcane Knowledge I, Sense Magic IV, Transient Enchant II, Magical Intuition I, Illusory Casting II, Facade I, Swift Magic I, Sensory Extension I, Hide I

Skills: Stealth I, Perception III

Dilgnid is an anomaly gnome, and so people like him should hardly be common.  Most NPCs the players meet should at least fit in with their societies, though having personality and variety.  Every now and then, though, an important NPC can be as eccentric as a player character, departing completely from societal expectations.  Dilgnid can fill this role.

Dilgnid is a fairly powerful spell caster for level 5, with numerous finger and words, as well as 9 arcs and radii focused on those he needs for stealth and combat.  His +8 DoP to pure magic spells provide him with significant power bonuses on most spells he would cast.  His very high intelligence and wisdom means he has a lot of SP to spend not only on spells, but Transient Enchants and Illusions.  Given his Stealth and Perception, he could easily observe a low level party for a short time, preparing appropriate enchantments to meet their weaknesses and counteract their magical items.

If the party is higher level, his level can be increased, giving him access to more enchants and better illusions.  His primary tactic would be to use well placed illusions to confuse the enemy while employing magic precisely countering the party.  He could be very dangerous if the Master Weaver intended him to be.

Did you like seeing an NPC?  Let us know below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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