Wednesday Words-Encharge, AoE, Anti-lumen, Anti-decibel

Encharge-As you may have noticed, many of the spells we discuss use this term to describe what kind of spell they are.  Since its meaning is unclear to some, it should be clarified that an encharge is a spell (generally using the juo-encharge syllable) that stores power in an object or being rather than using it immediately.  Encharge power can be accessed a little at a time (if order of chaos are used to give the spell charges) or all at once, just at a later time.

AoE (Area of Effect)-While this is a term common in gaming, it bears explaining.  An area of effect indicates that a spell effects more than just it’s direct target, it spreads to effect an area immediately surrounding the target.  AoE comes from chaos(indirect), light(indirect), and dark(indirect).  Depending on the number of fingers included to boost the AoE, the power will fall off more or less over distance.  Whatever the case, distance from the epicenter of the spell reduces the effect of the spell.

Anti-lumen-Light is expressed in lumens, a unit of light intensity radiated from a source.  Due to magic, darkness can be created and exist much like light.  When darkness is magically created, it radiates from a source in much the same way light does, using units of anti-lumens to cancel out lumens from both magical and mundane sources.

Anti-decibels-Sound is measured in decibels, a logarithmic scale.  Similarly to light, magic offers the possibility of anti-sound.  Just as spell sound is a general pulse across all audible frequencies, anti-sound is across all frequencies, reducing all sounds equally in the area.  Anti-sound is measured in decibels.

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