Ability Tuesday-Illusory Casting

IllusoryCastingIf you’ve looked at all at the Player’s Guide or at the Undead list, you know that Mind Weave uses an Illusionist class.  While it may not be obvious at first blush, the Mind Weave magic system makes illusions either impossible or common to any caster with the right components, making the title “Illusionist” obsolete.  However, this is one thing we do not leave to interpretation.  While normal magic components and the siu (mind) syllable can be used to create basic images of flame or light or darkness, more intricate images and sounds require this ability.

With Illusory Casting, spell points can be spent at a rate entirely dependent on the size and loudness of the illusion.  At this flat cost, an Illusionist can create an image of anything he desires and any sound he desires.  He can also maintain it for as long as he desires.  Targets of the illusion make perception checks against the illusion.  Success is based on the Illusionists intelligence, level in Illusory Casting, and the believability of the illusion.

Only Illusionists get Illusory Casting, and it is very rare as a backstory or cross-class ability.  Like Emulate for Bards, Illusory Casting is the signature ability for Illusionists that makes their class special.  However, special circumstances may persuade a Master Weaver to allow another class to learn Illusory Casting.

Would you go to Illusionist to get this ability?  Want to know what other abilities are exclusive to Illusionists?  Comment below to let us know.

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