Monster Monday-Elves

We’ve covered humans and dwarves, now on to elves.  I’m going to level with you, I don’t really like elves.  Their whole attitude toward life and the other races generally turns me off.  That said, I think I’ve given them a fair treatment.  In the course of drawing this sketch of them, they struck me as kind of cool even.


Elves do their best to remain aloof of the rest of the world.  Their culture is focused on calmness and serenity and they are slow to make decisions and wary of giving advice.  Though they are generally good, elves often hold their own peace as a higher priority than opposing evil and defending others.  They distrust the fickle humans and the greedy dwarves and consider it safer to not be involved.  Their social hierarchy is primarily age based with some recognition of bloodlines.  Elves live to a great age, but spend much of their time in contemplation and recreation.

Elves, being honest, good, and neutrally logical, are natural diplomats.  This function is aided by their attractiveness and their charm.  Elves gain a +4 to charisma.  Elves also tend to be content with their skills, choose vocations that suit their talents.  They get a +2 to the two most important attributes to their starting class and -2 to the two least important attributes (not including charisma).  Elves also have ultraviolet vision, exceptional hearing, and Natural Empathy.

Elves are quite passive and unambitious.  They often seek the will of the gods to be certain they are in harmony with those forces that govern their way of life.  They seek to live without leaving a trace and worship gods of good, peace, and nature.  They defend their realms with righteous fervor, but rarely seek expansion.


Elves seek only the most basic of classes, they do not have the ambition to delve into more precise powers granted by more exotic classes.

Cleric-Elves have a desire to know the will of the gods.  Often older members of their society will turn to religion to guide them in their leadership.  Wise and pious youth are also often recruited to serve the needs of their temples.

Fighter-While elves generally sue for peace, they are not ignorant of the need to defend themselves against attack.  Elven fighters are often proficient archers and/or swordsmen and use their skills to defend elven territory.

Magic-user-Magic is quite common among elves.  Capable of great intellect and wisdom, elves often delve into the magical arts as a means to serve their community and satisfy their need for recreation.  Often elven mages will have a focus other than combat, but mages with components for battle are not unheard of.

Thief-In elven society proper, stealing is almost unheard of.  The talents of a thief are not unheard of though.  Nimble hands can be useful to have around, and often elven archer groups will have thieves among them.  Remnants of displaced elven societies will often take up thieving.

Though elves have highly varied appearances and living areas (Wood Elves, Valley Elves, Mountain Elves, High Elves, etc.), their societies are basically uniform, composed of those things needed with a laid back ability to defend themselves and pursue enjoyment.

The lovely and mysterious Elves.  Would you play one?  They do have some significant pros and very few cons.  How would your character deal with an elven society that refuses to get involved?  Let us know in the comments below!

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