Progress Update-Not Enough to Be Excited About

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of the spell book on the character page, and today I post another, now with most spell data (all except casting time and cost) automatically transferred from the spell book database to the pages.  I had intended to make more progress, and while I have a list of merely 8 things I need code to have magic working completely, I am not going to get it done today, let alone make a movie of it.  Besides, most of them rely on code I wrote over a year ago and never fully tested actually working as intended.  SpellBookPhoto

Instead I’m going to relax and recover from a week spent wrapping up projects at both my jobs and a hard, 4 mile uphill and back run yesterday.  My wife is also insistent that today is the day we will make the baby book for our unborn child.  I have to admit, that sounds fun.

Until next week, and Happy Father’s Day.

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