Saturday Spell-Deadly Arrow

Our first high level character, Milo Redbranch, was a ranger that focused on archery and magic, using his arrows to deliver powerful encharge spells.  This is the kind of spell that would be used with this type of character.  By encharging an arrow with death magic, significant damage can be delivered at long range.  This is effective whether it is the caster shooting the arrow or one of his companions.

DeadlyArrowLeft Hand:

Sar (Sinister Radius): Death(full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Death(half)

Oh (Wind Arc): Death(full)

Oh (Wind Arc): Death(half)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Death(full)

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc): Death(full)

Sar (Sinister Radius):

saying “ki wa juo”

This spell uses the full 16 DoP an encharge can support, adding 8 feet to the arrow’s range and adding 12d6+4d3+2 death damage for an average of 52 death damage to the target.  One of the Zo Arcs, if mastered at an advanced level, could be used to make the arrow silent with only a minor damage reduction.  Spells like this can be used to further boost range, to increase accuracy, and so on.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  More weapon performance spells?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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