Character Thursday-Halma Weatherall (Human Priest)

I looked at my schedule and for today I had “Priest” written down.  The best way to get to Priest by level 10 with 80 point buy is to begin either as a Druid or as a Cleric (it’s possible as a Monk, but requires more points to attributes).  I decided a Druid->Nature Priest was more interesting to me last night.  Enjoy! 🙂


Halma Weatherall dedicated himself to the Cult of Grimwal at a young age.  While Grimwal was not an evil deity, his worship was frowned upon by most in the area due to the bizarre rituals required by the deity, as well as his fickle instructions to his followers.  An orphan mistreated by a local innkeeper, Halma had little to prevent him accepting the mysterious deity.  He quickly learned the rites required and consecrated all his time to the Feral God.  He lived deep in the woods, practicing healing arts on those desperate enough to seek his aid.  While he attended the group ceremonies with the nearest factions of the Cult, Halma lived alone but for his loyal pet wolf.  All of his actions were turned toward Grimwal:  he hunted with throwing axes, he littered the bones of his prey around his forest yurt, he cultivated poison ivy and thistles all around but for the narrow path, he wore hides of every animal from deer to fox to raccoon to skunk.  Halma was nearly as wild as his god.  When Grimwal instructed him to go to the city he obeyed without question.

Levels 1-10:

In the city, Halma was impressed upon to join a group of adventurers.  He accompanied them at Grimwal’s instruction, obeying every command he received without thought.  His good favor in the deity’s eyes provided the party with an exceptional source of power when Grimwal was feeling generous.  Other times his unquestioning loyalty to such a wild god brought on eccentric behavior in delicate situations.  The party kept him along, warily, even when Grimwal appeared to him, pronouncing him one of his priests, instructing him to preach the Wild Word to those they met along the way.  Afterall, he was useful, he was their woodsman, and his deity had commanded him to go with them.

Strength: 6, Constitution: 10, Dexterity: 15,

Wisdom: 26, Intelligence: 20, Charisma: 14

Abilities: Call Animal V, Natural Empathy V, Prayer IV, Pray on Behalf I, Weapon Mastery(Throwing Axe) V, Arcane Knowledge I, Tend Wounds I, Control Plant V, Rapid Growth IV, Speak to Plants II, Control Animal III, Speak to Animals II, Spell Casting II, Bless I, Persuade I

Skills: Agility VI, Perception I, Diplomacy II

Halma Weatherall is a lawful neutral follower of a chaotic neutral deity.  This means he can be absolutely wild in his obedience to his deity’s tenants while allowing the Master Weaver a means to take control of him through commands given by the deity.  This means of influence allows the Master Weaver to keep intraparty conflict at levels he desires.  The character will be fun to play for those who enjoy playing a loose cannon, but will be somewhat tempered by deistic influence.  Regardless, he will be a frequent annoyance to the party with his ulterior motives and the general dislike people will have toward him due to his obvious involvement with a controversial deity.

Halma has many options in combat, primarily his pet wolf, his speed, and his throwing axes.  With his magic focused on healing and weather magic, it is marginally useful in combat.  However, given the right conditions, his ability to control animals and plants, as well as make plants grow rapidly can be very effective.  His access to power from Grimwal (who presumably has wild natural gifts to grant) is also a key to his combat power, so long as the Master Weaver is generous when needed.

Halma is primarily useful for his information gathering when in the woods.  He can speak with animals and plants to obtain information and lore.  He can also see into the past through local plants and know about future weather.

Something else nice about this character is that his backstory makes it very clear what equipment he is expecting from the Master Weaver: hide clothing and throwing axes.

Did you like seeing a higher level character?  Let us know below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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