Ability Tuesday-Prayer and Pray on Behalf

These abilities are common for religious characters, and while they often fill the category of throw away minor abilities, they can be extremely effective in a setting where deities are powerful, so long as the character lives by the tenants demanded by his deity.  (A character can pray to another deity, but some deities may see this as betrayal and a deity not worshiped by the character is less likely to grant his requests.)

When a character prays to make a request from his deity, the Master Weaver determines based on the deity’s personality, the character’s standing with the deity, and the nature of the request the base chance that the deity will A) Ignore the request B) Punish the character for his impunity or C) Grant the request.  The character’s the levels in Prayer represent the skill with which he prays, knowing precisely how to appeal to the gods.  The higher the character’s level in Prayer, the more the chance of being ignored or punished is reduced, the chance of the request being granted increasing.

Pray on Behalf works just like Prayer, but applied to characters making requests on behalf of others rather than themselves.  The base chances for Pray on Behalf are based on the character who is praying’s standing with the deity, though the beneficiary of the request may also factor into the nature of the request for many deities.

Clerics, Paladins, and Priests get Prayer while only Priests get Pray on Behalf.  However, both abilities are quite common cross-class through the Master Weaver or as backstory abilities.

Do you plan on playing a religious character?  What kind of power would you like your deity to be able to employ on your behalf? Let us know in the comments below.

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