Saturday Spell-Alarm

AlarmAlright, today we’re going to cover another utility type spell, Alarm.  This spell is another good reason to use the Muffle spell we did last week.  The purpose of the alarm spell is to create a loud sound, loud enough to be heard from some long distance away.  A spell loud enough to be heard at the maximum distance will of course have the side effect of permanently deafening the person who triggers the alarm.  It is usually an encharge.  The physical limitation on sound creating spells is the maximum capacity for a sound wave traveling in air at 194 dB (it’s true).  This means that any spell or charge with more than 194 dB of sound power wastes some power.  Fast cheap spells like a “shout” usable in combat don’t tend to need to worry about this limit most times, but for an alarm spell like the one pictured (an “on” strength encharge on a door) casting time and cost is not a concern and we will therefore maximize the total sound output with a four (4) charge encharge.

Right Hand:

Ku (Physical Radius): Order(full)

Des (Positivity Arc) x 12

Ku (Physical Radius): Order(full)

saying “on, ba, ko, juo, jai, liu”

This provides a total of 720 dB of sound over 4 charges, each having 180 dB of sound.  The detect syllable allows the spell to be triggered in a number of ways: the door opening, someone passing through the door, any sound above 10 dB being heard, etc.  The sound is loud enough to have an 80% chance of permanently deafening anyone right next to it, with lesser chance for those further away.  If if not permanently deafened, the triggerer would suffer 10 minutes of temporary deafness.  The spell can be discharges accidentally due to impact on the door, for example, rocks being thrown at it.  The encharge will last for 9 hours if not triggered.  To make it last longer, more order fingers would be needed, replacing Des arcs.  Perhaps a single burst alarm could be made to last a day while still being deafeningly loud.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Another sound spell maybe?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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