Ability Tuesday-Blade Dance

BladeDanceRemember when R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’Urden developed the tactic of spinning like a top with his scimitars extended?  That is the inspiration for this ability.  This ability is useful for engaging a large number of foes in melee.  The Blade Dance lasts for two turns, spinning and attacking with all weapons. Anything within the reach of the spinning blades is attacked with a score from the roll made at the beginning of the dance, not modified by dexterity, instead having a bonus based on the level in Blade Dance.  Incoming attacks are also parried with this score.  The Blade Dance is especially exhausting to the user.

Blade Dance regularly is learned by Fighters, Monks, Battle Mages, Berserkers, and Rangers.  Others may learn Blade Dance if they are melee combatants with zeal, with a passion for speed, or dancers.  Certain deities liking these qualities may also grant Blade Dance to their zealous followers.  For example, my fire cleric worships Mergan, Lady of the Dancing Flame.  If desired, his status as a Zealot of Mergna would allow him to learn Blade Dance.

Does Blade Dance fit your character’s combat style?  Comment below to let us know.

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