Progress Update-Relaxation and Renewal

So I feel bad.  I really do.  I was really close to finishing the whole spell book/spell casting GUI going into this week, but this week I didn’t code at all.  It wasn’t that I was busy, quite the opposite.  Yea, my in-laws like to close pack their vacations in a way that makes working on personal projects hard, but the truth is I was relaxing.  If my wife is to be believed, I could use the break from coding anyway.  So I’ve sat back and just enjoyed the cruise despite myself.  I’ve been reading Patrick Rothfus’ Wise Man’s Fear, which is an awesome book, by the way.  Between it, dog-sledding, and nature tours, this trip has been a refreshing source of inspiration.  I now understand tundra terrain in a way I never would have without seeing it.  I’ve now got a feel for all the major biomes, which will help in building Mind Weave settings with more variety, so there’s your consolation prize.

I meant to post this yesterday, but the internet in the Juneau cafe could not open a new wordpress post.  I’ll settle for posting it today from this lovely Skagway art gallery, Hunter Art Studio.  Very hospitable.  In the meantime, greetings from Alaska.

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