Ability Tuesday-Emulate

Have you ever known anyone who could take one look at someone else doing a back flip  and then not only do a back flip, but do it better than them?  That is what Emulate allows a character to do.  With Emulate, a character can spend a turn observing those around him in order to emulate them, then on his next turn he can attempt to emulate those abilities he observed.  The degree to which he masters the ability is dependent on his Charisma, level in Emulate, and the level in the ability of the person he is emulating.

How long the emulation lasts is dependent on the level in Emulate of the character.  A character can exceed the talent of his target, but must spend Spell Points to do so, expending magical energy in order to do more than merely imitate.

Bards are the only class that gets emulate, though it could be obtained cross class from a generous Master Weaver by a character who looks up to others or has some other reasonable cause for imitation.

What abilities would you try to emulate?  Does an ability so dependent on your environment sound worthwhile to you?  Comment below to let us know.

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