Saturday Spell-Fire Bird

I’m going to do another from our Play-By-Post test campaign today.  My character, Vlaren, is a cleric of the chaotic fire goddess Mergna.  He is certainly the religious zealot of the party.  He therefore goes almost exclusively for fire magic.  When a group of flying metal men attacked our flying ship, his reaction was to get something out there to combat them in the air.  He cast Fire Bird.

FirebirdThe basic makeup of the Fire Bird is advanced Ku(physical) and Grai(animal) for an animal shape, Re (create) and Ki (destroy) for obvious reasons, the chaos finger for duration, the fire indirect finger for gaseous volume, the wind finger for movement speed, and fire fingers and Des(heat) and Ful(fire) arcs for damage.  These can be used in varying numbers for the Fire Bird effect, depending on how large the bird needs to be, how much damage it should do, how fast it should move, and how long it should last.

Vlaren only had 60 SP at the time due to previous heated battles (no pun intended).  My first formulation of the spell used 62 SP to make a smaller bird with more fire damage, so I reworked the spell to replace a full fire finger with an indirect fire finger, bringing the cost to exactly 60 SP.  Ir consisted of 2d6/2 cubic feet of hot fiery gas with 4d6/2 fire/heat damage and 2d6/2 mph acceleration.  It had 2d6 turns of duration linear decline.  I rolled and got 2.5 cubic feet, 7 fire/heat damage, 4.5 mph speed, and 6 turns of duration.  So far the bird was fairly effective in the first couple turns, but is shrinking fast.

With 16 dexterity, left handed, and 4 agility, Vlaren cast the spell in about 3.5 seconds.

Left Hand:

Ku (Physical Radius): Fire(Ind), Chaos, Wind

Des (Energy Arc):

Ful (Fire Arc): Fire(Ind)

Ful (Fire Arc):

Des (Energy Arc):

Ku (Physical Radius):

Saying “re ki grai.”

Remember, it doesn’t have to a bird, my character is just crushing on my wife’s druid, who has a hawk form.  Also, the components can be changed to fit the situation.  If a bigger bird is needed, or a hotter one, or longer duration, or faster, all of it can be done with changes to how many arcs and fingers are used.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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