Ability Tuesday-Gather Followers

Gather Followers is one of a number of Charisma-based abilities.  It allows a character to use his fame and renown to gather loyal followers based on his level in Gather Followers and Charisma.  These followers require a share of loot, and will leave if treated badly, but are otherwise very loyal to the character who recruits them and will follow his orders.  In game they are under the control of the character’s player until dismissed or the Master Weaver deems them mistreated enough to leave.

The type of followers that a character can recruit is limited to those available in the local pool.  If there is a thriving mage academy in the area, then a character will be able to find Magic-users of all levels, but if in a barbarian village, his options may be limited to fighters, druids, brawlers, and berserkers.

This ability is readily available to Clerics, Bards, and Paladins, but other classes could obtain it cross-class or in their backstory by having an egocentric personality with a need of praise and companionship.

What kind of followers would you want to have with you?  Comment below to let us know.

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