Monster Monday-Root Walker

RootWalkerHealth Points: 6*level

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d4+2

Special Attack: Normal attack poisons 1d4 damage per minute for 8 minutes 50% of blows.

Dexterity: 10

Strength: 10

Speed: 20

Armor: 2 2 0

Special: Heals at a rate a 1 hp per round when touching earth

Description: Root Walkers, animated druids, can be a sinister element of any undead horde.  They look nearly identical to zombies, moving more quickly, when desired, but often moving with the mob.  They can appear from the midst of the horde doing more damage and taking more hits, and when killed can recover even from death as long as reasonably intact, recovering any appendages that lie on the same earth in the course of their recovery.  Thus the root walker is a renewable resource of sorts for a patient necromancer.  A root walker who is reduced to ash or otherwise made into indiscernible bits does not recover health any longer.  One whose head is severed can recover it as long as it is on the same patch of earth.  If separated, regeneration will not begin.  In general, the root walker will not rise to fight again until fully recovered, though if commanded it could do so.

Root Walkers are animated from dead Druids.

Have any ideas how you would use a bounder if under your control?  Something you’d like to throw at your party?  How about as an enemy?  Comment below to share your thoughts.

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