Progress Update-Tomes of Advanced Magic Concepts

Since I haven’t made much progress programming writing to spell books and reading from spell books, or designing the starting spell books for the game, in today’s post I’m going to share some of the advanced magic rules we’ve recently verified, as well as some of the other magic rules we are developing.

The first is the Tome of Order and Chaos.  This tome discusses how the order and chaos fingers can be used for duration or charge-based spells.  This is how storms, weapon enhancements and other such spells can be cast.  Examples of spells we’ve seen so far that use the tomb of chaos are Teleport, Flight, Stone Skin, and Disintegrating Weapon.

The second is the Tome of Light and Sound.  This tome discusses how light and dark fingers as well as Des and Zo arcs are used to create light or anti-light (darkness).  Des and Zo can also be used to make sound and anti-sound in when mastered completely.  These concepts are useful for Light spells as we’ve seen, but also for invisibility, muffling sounds, and alarms, as we will soon see.

Soon to come is the Tome of Vigor and Vulnerability.  It will be a tome discussing the use of Do (weaken), Ru (augment), and Bi (degrade) with the Des (positivity) and Zo (negativity) arcs to alter the attributes and such of allies and enemies.  We haven’t seen any spells of this kind yet, since the rules are not well established, but it includes spells like Quicken Mind, Clumsiness, Strength, Feeble Mind, and Weakness.

While is a small subset of spells that uses the rules in these tomes, knowledge of these rules is one of the things that sets a novice player apart from an advanced player.  These rules can be useful in a broad range of spells.

Have questions about specific magical interactions?  Feel free to ask below and we’ll answer, or maybe even write a tomb to handle it.  Thanks!

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