Saturday Spell-Teleport



I’ve had some requests that I discuss how a spell is constructed, so this post is going to have slightly different structure than normal as we talk about the spell inventing process.

I’ve decided to explain this one using an actual example from our current Play-By-Post test campaign.  Jack’s character, Jethrob Al’Arwenyon (Jeth), is the party Magic-User.  He decided to go on a small solo mission while the rest of us went after the obvious threat.  Being a bit squishy, he wanted a way to make quick escapes if he got into trouble.  His solution to this was to have a number of short range teleports available to him.  This meant using an encharge on himself to be able to teleport at will.

An encharge is limited to 16 DoP, meaning 16 arcs, or 8 fingers, or any combination, to be short.  With Spell Casting II, Jeth had 2 bonus DoP to allocate as well.  Jeth also had, through Elemental and Arcane Magic, the Oh (Wind) Arc and Chaos Finger free of cost.  Since he did not have to worry about casting time, he used only Oh (Wind) arcs to get teleport distance, and the chaos finger to minimize the cost.

Because he was a human sized encharge object, he could use the On (x2) syllable.  He also used Wu (empower self) and Juo (encharge) giving the teleport encharge a 6 hour duration.  He added Soa (gate) together with two (2) iterations of the advanced Ros (Travel) Radius in order to make it a teleport.

Jeth wanted 12 teleports, so he used four (4) chaos fingers to allow 12 charges and a total of 32 feet.  The rest of the 16 DoP he filled with eight (8) wind arcs for 8 feet of distance each.  His two (2) bonus DoP were used to enhance the distance by another 16 feet.  This results in a total of 112 feet distributed into 12 teleport charges of 9 feet 4 inches each.  With this encharge he did not have to look for doors, he could easily avoid patrols buy hopping through a wall, and escape by taking paths pursuers could not take.

With 7 finger changes, 10 arcs and radii, and 4 words, the spell took 12.33 seconds to cast with no agility and 15 dexterity.  Because most of the components are free, it has a cost of merely 56 sp.

Left Hand:

Ros (Travel Radius): Chaos

Teleport2Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc): Chaos

Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc): Chaos

Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc): Chaos

Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc):

Ros (Travel Radius):

Saying “on wu juo soa.”

A longer range single teleport is also possible.  When later needing to escape an area, Jeth was able to use wind arcs primarily to make a cheap teleport of thousands of feet to get away from enemies closing in on his position.  This long teleport got him far enough away that the enemy lost track of him.  It is a different and valid application of the concept.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  A different kind of teleport perhaps?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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