Ability Tuesday-Parry Mastery

ParryMasteryParry Mastery is a niche ability for those melee combatants who eschew the use of the a shield, usually in order to dual wield.  At low levels it allows the parrying of thrown weapons (such as throwing knives and axes) and reduces the penalty for subsequent parries.  At higher levels it also allows the character to parry projectile weapons (such as arrows and bolts) and continues to reduce the penalties for subsequent parries and parries against ranged weapons.  It is a very useful ability for dual wielding characters who are normally vulnerable to ranged attack.

Parry Mastery is a major ability available to Fighters, Monks, and Assassins.  Other classes can get it cross class if their combat style focuses on parrying.

Do you like to dual wield?  Do you consider arrows a threat?  Then Parry Mastery may be for you.  Can you think of other reasons Parry Mastery might be useful?  Or other character types that might want it?  Comment below to let us know.

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