Monster Monday-Humans

Up until now we’ve discussed mostly giant animals and undead, but the truth is that most encounters in Mind Weave will be with intelligent creatures who are often willing to negotiate.  In most Mind Weave settings, humans will be the most common race with which players will interact, so we will begin with them.

HumansHumans come in all shapes and sizes.  Though among the taller of the humanoid races, humans come in a wide range of heights.  With neither penalties or bonuses to any attributes, humans can have scores ranging from low to high in all six (6) of the attributes.  Humans are short lived compared to most other races and, given their drive for growth, begin at level 1 with an extra ability and skill appropriate to their class.

Humans live in a number of conditions and environments and will engage in whatever careers seem promise a living from farming to mercenary work.  Variety is the defining feature of the humans race, but their ambition and sense of self are also major features that lead them form all sorts of communities, ranging from lonely hermits to mighty empires.


Being highly ambitious, diverse, and balanced, Humans can take any of the 20 classes.  This is undoubtedly the greatest strength of this race.

Brawler-Humans in general have a violent streak.  Even those who do not make their living through the use of force frequently find themselves in fights as egos flair and honor is upheld.  The best of untrained fighters from bouncers to tavern drunks become Brawlers.

Cleric-Humans are drawn to all sorts of religions, even those of other races, from good to evil and lawful to chaotic.  Because of their passion for religion, it is common for human worshipers to become Disciples and Clerics.

HumanDruidDruid-Humans are the only race that makes an explicit effort to alter and control nature itself.  This is why they are also the only race to become Druids, controllers of plants and animals.

Fighter-Humans are highly capable of learning the use of arms, a staple of all races, true.  Many humans work as guards and soldiers and the most talented of those become Fighters.

HumanMageMagic-user-Humans are hungry for knowledge, and for power–let’s be honest, mostly power.  Either way, magic is just the sort of thing to draw them in.  Whether learning in an academy, through personal research, or natural talent, it is not uncommon for humans to become Magic-users.

Monk-Some humans are capable of phenomenal discipline, exceeding the discipline of any other race.  These humans often embrace a code of absolute obedience, whether to an order, an ideal, or a deity.  Without this devotion, other races can never aspire to be Monks.

HumanThiefThief-Humans are not the most agile or dexterous of the humanoid races, but they are among the most dishonest and sinister.  Given the inequality in many human societies, it is common for the less scrupulous among the poor quarter to resort to thievery to support themselves.  Thievery can also become a source of thrills for the better off.  Humans love a good thrill.

Assassin-Perhaps it is their short lives that makes them so willing to kill, but humans are the only race to have murder specialists.  However they kill, and whoever hires them, assassins are unique to Humans.

Bard-Humans love music, it is an integral part of most any human culture.  The same could be said of other races, but few are the races where an individual would consider it an acceptable line of work to dedicate themselves to music.  The humans who do this become Bards.

Battle Mage-Humans are the only race that would be so wild and ambitious as to seek out both magic and combat focuses.  It seems such an outlandish idea, but leave it to humans to make it work.  Fighters who learn magic or mages who learn combat become Battle Mages.

Berserker-Humans are among the most angry and passionate of the races.  The mightiest and most explosive in character become Berserkers.  Berserkers are most common among the less civilized Humans, but some among the cities will chose that path due to personality or life changing events.

Illusionist-Deception is a very Human trait.  Given their penchant for magic and the tendency to enjoy a good prank, it is no surprise that some humans engage in the study of illusions.  The most adept of trickster mages become Illusionists.

Necromancer-Humans are the most reckless of the races, this may explain their lack of inhibitions when it comes to playing with death.  Humans are rare in the fact that they are willing to animate the dead and use them for their tasks.

HumanPaladinPaladin-Humans have a strong sense of nobility and pride.  This coupled with their ambitions, desire for superiority, and devotion to religions drives them to seek the title of pious knight protector.  The most passionate in this aim become Paladins.

Priest-As before mentioned, humans tend to become highly devoted to religions.  The most devout and powerful progress to become priests, whether to represent their deity on the road or leading congregations.

Ranger-Some humans are highly outdoorsy.  Bold, independent, and skilled, the humans most accustomed to travel in the wilderness take the path of the Ranger.

Rogue-The most agile, sneaky, and dexterous of Humans can take the path of Rogue.  They are not incredibly common, but they are talented and well suited to the personality of many humans.

Dragon Slayer-Humans like titles, they also love feats of daring and might with which to earn those titles.  From the time the first human met a dragon, the concept of being a Dragon Slayer has only grown in the human perception.  Few achieve that rank.

Enchanter-Humans are among the greatest of inventors.  Technology is a part of daily human life at all stages of development.  It is not far from mundane technology for them to leap to using magic to make their daily tasks easier.  In societies with sufficient magical knowledge, Enchanters are well known members of society.

Intrepid-Humans are intrepid.  This is the race that explores all climes and seeks to inhabit them, that aspires to become powerful in their short lives.  As such, they are the only race that can become Intrepids, brave warriors with the wildest of methods.

The classes most common among humans will vary from society to society.  A barbarian culture will have many brawlers, druids, fighters, berserkers and such.  A highly advanced culture will have more monks, bards, illusionists, assassins, priests and such, in addition to common thieves and fighters.  There are cultures of all types and setting to setting humans can fill any role needed with their many classes.

Humans!  Would you play one?  They do have some significant pros and very few cons.  How will your characters react when they meet other humans, hostile or otherwise?  Let us know in the comments below!

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11 Responses to Monster Monday-Humans

  1. kevinlaroy88 says:

    I find it interesting how often such innocuous things as games can enlighten our understanding of human nature. Mankind really is a versatile race, prone to lean either towards what is good and just, or towards what is evil and wrong. Humans have so much potential, despite having to deal with the monster within.

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