Mind Weave Magic

In light of the fact that this week’s progress goal is to code up spell casting and Mind Weave’s magic is perhaps its most interesting feature, I thought it would be prudent to post a compilation of all the magic rules here on the blog.  The new page “The Magic System” includes an explanation of how Mind Weave magic works, what kind of power different components can be expected to deliver, how components can be learned, how much spells cost, how long they take to cast, obstacles to casting, and a list of all the spells featured in the Saturday Spell segment of this blog.

In the near future I intend to update the page to include links to the Tome of Order and Chaos and the Tome of Light and Sound, as well as any future special case documents I might write (one explaining rules surrounding weakening and strengthening is forthcoming, for example).

Have any other questions about magic?  Suggestions of spells now you have the rules before you?  Post them below, we’d love to help.

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