Character Thursday-Margra Vonderbronzkelch (Dwarf Paladin)

MargraMargra Vonderbronzkelch-Dwarf Paladin

Strength: 20, Constitution: 18, Dexterity: 14,

Wisdom: 13, Intelligence: 9, Charisma: 16


Margra was born to Enrick Vonderbronzkelch, High Priest of Deepnenich Bronzebeard and Head of the Order of the Bronze Chalice. As his first born, she was destined to be trained as a priestess and so follow in his footsteps.

Despite being born into a lineage of small stature, even among dwarves, she so grew to be among the taller dwarves in the clan. She was strong and fit as well and spent much of her free time among the dwarven soldiers, sparring, wrestling, and drinking with them. Meanwhile, her studies among the disciples and clerics made it ever more clear she did not have the mind or manner for magic. She learned much, and had great love for her father’s god, but with any serious measure of magic (particularly of the benevolent sort) beyond her grasp, she was discouraged with her studies.

By the age of 40, her coming of age, Margra was sure she could not live up to her father’s expectation and stature in the community of Deepnenich. Ashamed, she fled into the night the day before the ceremony, finding a place among humans as a warrior, calling upon the power of her deity to make herself a name her father could be proud of.

Margra Vonderbronzkelch starts at level 1 as a full paladin.  Given her implied good standing with her deity in her backstory, her Prayer ability gives her a good chance of being able to call upon Deepnenich Bronzebeard in times of need.  Like a fighter would, she has Weapon Skill, but also Riding.  Given this, she can be a very straightforward character to play in combat with a lot of power and potential, but a in-character she is kind of complex.

She has an emotional need to gain the approval of her father or other authority figures.  Her actions will be heavily effected by he devotion to her deity, whether calling on his power or adhering to his code of conduct.  If the coming of age ceremony is considered by the Master Weaver to be important to Deepnenich, then Margra may well not have the favor of her deity and be struggling to regain his favor.  This removes a significant source of power from the character and makes for interesting role play if the player is cooperative.

In her backstory I am looking for cleric and fighter-like backstory abilities.  Probably not magic, since I expressly say she had no mind for it.  However, she is likely to have abilities like grab, arcane knowledge, and so forth.

Have requests for a character build?  Let us know below.  Maybe we’ll make your character next Thursday.

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